22 juli 2024

3 tips to avoid the yo-yo effect

Did you eat a little too much during the corona period than is actually good for you? But are you planning to fight the coronakilos? Doing well! Unfortunately, many people who lose weight sooner or later have to deal with the yo-yo effect. In short, this effect means that people who have consumed few calories during their weight loss period, enjoy good food again after achieving their target weight. Because your body received so little in the period before, it goes into a kind of saving mode. When you start eating ‘normally’ again, the extra calories are converted into body fat more quickly. Long story short: to achieve your goal, you want to prevent the yo-yo effect! But how do you do that? How do you make the challenge feasible? Here are 3 golden tips.

Tip 1. Go for a controlled diet

As with many things in life, it is important to lose weight in moderation. Of course it is more satisfying to lose kilos per week, but the danger of the yo-yo effect is therefore lurking. It may sound like a cliché, but the most effective way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle habits. At weightwatchers.com/nl/ you will therefore be helped in a very personal way with weight loss. Because at WW (formerly Weight Watchers) they know for sure that everyone can successfully lose kilos, but also that each person needs a slightly different push.

Tip 2. Move as much as you can

Exercise helps enormously if you want to lose weight (responsibly). We know that not everyone is a fan of sports, but realize that there are more ways to get extra exercise. In other words, there are also fun ways! The trick is to find something that suits you and that you can keep going so that it eventually becomes a habit. WW can help you with this too! Moreover, physical exercise not only helps with weight loss, it also reduces stress.

Tip 3. Don’t get mad at yourself (or the scales)

It can be very frustrating to step on the scale and then find that you have not lost the desired number of pounds. Therefore, do not focus blindly on that number on the scales! Healthy weight loss takes place in steps and sometimes just takes some time. Always try to keep seeing the bigger picture. If weight loss has not gone completely as you would like for a week, use that as motivation to go the extra mile in the coming week! This way you ensure that achieving the set challenge can actually be done.

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