22 juli 2024

Make it cozy!

Ohlala! The cozy and cozy days are coming again. For the first time this week it was a bit cooler outside (in my opinion anyway). Of course there are always people who dread it. Maybe you wouldn’t say it, but I’m one of them. Every year I try to make the best of it. That is why I have been able to collect a number of tips over the years that I would like to share. Read on quickly to find out what those tips are!

Lock yourself up

That may sound very strange and usually the advice is quite the opposite. Go outside and start moving. Yet there are those days that are really cold and wet. That you really don’t feel like it for a day. I found out that staying indoors for a day can’t hurt at all! For example, I bought a Onesie last year. For the people who don’t know what that is? It is a nice and warm garment made in one piece with the zipper at the front. I really liked it! Do you have children? Think of a onesie child. Of course not a one-piece child. But there are also very nice varieties on the market for children! If you have all that together, you can, for example, set up a movie. Curtains closed and maybe something tasty to eat or drink and you will venture into another world.

A cozy house

A cozy home can work wonders. If there is not too much to do outside and it is cold and wet, then you should make it cozy inside. This can be done in many different ways, but it is actually easier than you think! For example, light some candles. Those little yellow flames give you instant fun. You can count on it! In addition, it is important that you have a little warm light in the house. So not from that standard hard light. Warm light gives a slightly more yellow glow. This immediately makes it seem cozier. You can also put on music. Sometimes you can just hear yourself thinking and that is not the intention. If you don’t know which songs to choose, just put on the best radio station you can find. Your house will fill with nice sounds. Success with it!

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