22 juli 2024

The many advantages of plastic frames

Decorating your home can be fantastic. But sometimes you have to replace things that you don’t immediately cheer for. Like the window frames of your house. You don’t suddenly get a lot of space, such as with an extension or veranda, and yet you have to make a considerable investment. Fortunately, there are also beautiful windows that really increase your home in value. And I’m not just talking about monetary value, but also about emotional value. With plastic frames you save energy and money, your home looks great again and you are also doing well from an environmental point of view. What else do you want?

Money value

If your window frames need to be replaced and you don’t do anything about it, your house will quickly lose value. There is really no choice but to replace them. This is quite an investment, that is clear. In terms of purchase, it does not matter much whether you opt for wooden frames or plastic frames. But the advantage of plastic frames is that they last a very long time and require almost no maintenance. Plastic frames, for example, do not need to be painted. Calculate how much this saves on paint (if you normally take care of the painting yourself), let alone how much it will yield if you would otherwise hire a painting company. The only thing you have to do every now and then is clean the window frames with soapy water and otherwise you hardly have to worry about it. Isn’t that delicious? Add to that the fact that with plastic frames fitted with insulating glass such as HR ++, you will also save a lot on your energy bill and the choice between wood and plastic becomes a lot easier.

Emotional value

And then there is also the emotional value. Imagine that your house is completely comfortable in the new window frames? And every time you come home you see how beautifully your house has been renovated? Can’t beat that? And you really don’t have to think that plastic frames are any less beautiful than wooden frames. Nowadays you really have such beautiful plastic frames. Whether you live in a villa or a semi-detached house, in the city or in a village, it doesn’t matter. There are matching plastic frames for every living style. Really, just step into a showroom of a good supplier. A world opens up for you. Then there is the fact that plastic frames are much safer than wooden frames, with which I just want to say that burglars prefer to pass your house with plastic frames. Nice and safe feeling, right? And – this is perhaps the most important advantage in the field of emotional value – plastic frames are completely circular. New plastic frames are simply made from old plastic frames or other plastic products are made from it. Nice is not it? If that doesn’t make you feel good?

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