22 juli 2024

Choosing new tiles for your DIY project

From the moment that corona measures were introduced, we saw the development emerge: many started doing odd jobs. Now that we could barely get on the road, we finally found the peace and quiet to put ourselves in the hands of the adjustments in the house that had been on our to-do lists for some time. People who made their homes more sustainable in various ways, but garden and paving jobs were also popular in recent months. Finally that new floor in it, finally that fresh coat of paint on the walls. It gives so much satisfaction, because it not only feels good to definitely cross the job off your to-do list, but you also enjoy the beautiful new look your house has been given. Since we are still very much in this DIY craze, we devote this blog entirely to finding the suitable tiles for your walls and floors.

Which look do you want to go for?

The first question that arises when you are faced with the choice of which tiles to buy for your new floor is what atmosphere you want to create with it. It is then recommended to look at a tile outlet. There they have all types of tiles in stock and offer them for a competitive price. To give the living room a warm atmosphere, the floor tile with a wood look in the colors beige and taupe is often chosen. If you want a sleek and modern look, you can achieve this with tiles in large formats such as 60 × 60 or 80 × 80 cm and then in the color combinations anthracite and gray. Or go for the authentic Dutch whites. With these square tiles, which are available in different colors, your kitchen will get a beautiful rural look. They can be mixed well in terms of color, so that you can give the room its own character even more.

Applying accents

You can make your floor even more unique by adding accents. This can be done in various ways. As a first example, we take ceramic parquet, with which you can give the floor of your living room, for example, a beautiful wood look. The tiles are available in different colors and sizes, so you can create your own style. For example, add an extra accent by choosing the ceramic tile in mauve blue or create a herringbone pattern with the format 8 × 44 cm and combine beautiful color nuances. Small spaces in the house are suitable for setting specific accents, such as in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet. You can achieve this with various decor floor tiles. You can add a nuanced accent by choosing black tiles with a slightly speckled design or make a nice statement with a vintage motif on the tiles. Have fun and choose what makes you happy!

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