24 juni 2024

Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle in the office

For many, it is already the most normal thing in the world in their private life to pay (a little) attention to the separation of waste, to buy sustainable products and to save energy. And that’s great! But how do you transfer this to your workspace? It can be a challenge to introduce this, especially if it is not fully used yet. Are you willing to compete and contribute to a more sustainable workplace, but you don’t know where to start? Then read this blog!

Step 1: share your positive experience with colleagues

In order to get your entire office involved in using, for example, circular products in the office, it is important that you share your colleagues in these positive experiences. For example, tell us about how you do this at home and what results it has had so far.

Tip: really try not to be too harsh if people are a bit hesitant in the beginning about, for example, separating company waste. This is a process and it often does not happen overnight. Little by little you will see that everyone is starting to contribute!

Step 2: talk to your manager

It is of course great if you start on your own to make your work environment more sustainable. It can only work to your advantage if you also involve the sustainability or facility manager in this (provided the company where you work has divided these functions)!

They can ensure large-scale benevolence within the company. Don’t see this as an obligation, but experience the support of a friend who works with you towards a better workplace. That’s all you want, right?

Step 3: persevere!

If you start to notice that your efforts are starting to take off, it is imperative that you will not assume that your colleagues will continue the way they are now. Certainly in the beginning, the incentive is necessary to consciously continue to work with it. When you are about half a year later and everyone has switched to automatic pilot, you can take a step back and see how it goes.

Now it is not the case that this will work the same in every company. In some companies it will go a bit faster, while in others it will take more time to arrive at a fully-fledged process. And that’s not bad at all, because every little bit helps. Spread the word and start sustainable business!

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