29 mei 2024

The best investments for the winter

It should still be the middle of summer, although the weather may show something else. But before we know it, winter is just around the corner, and when we see how cold the summer is, I don’t think it will surprise many people when it starts to freeze and snow in October. Every year I am unprepared, all my warm sweaters are still somewhere in a box in the attic, I realize that I threw away my winter coat in spring cleaning and have to leave in five minutes while it snows. This year I decided to prevent that in time and to be well prepared for winter. Here I share my best tips.

Invest in a good winter coat

I am not someone who normally spends a lot of money on clothes, because often you can get good quality for lower prices as long as you search carefully. But I’ve learned that if there’s one thing you should never save on, it’s winter coats. They sometimes seem warm at first glance, but as soon as it freezes and snows you quickly notice what a good winter coat should really do. Keep you warm! So put some extra money aside now and buy a nice thick winter coat in time, so that you can handle all the cold this winter. Consider, for example, a nice parajumper jacket: a parajumper winter coat is one of the warmest, and they also look beautiful. This way you can also enter the winter in style.

Look for warm gloves!

Another thing I always forget in winter is gloves. That is also something you only notice when you are on your bike and your hands seem to freeze off, but you never stop to think about it until you actually need them. For gloves, the same applies as for winter coats: they are worth a few extra euros if your hands really stay warm. Another tip: there are also good warm gloves available that are touch-screen proof, so that you can quickly skip that bad song on the bike that comes on shuffle, or you can type your text when you are walking outside on a cold day.

Get your recipes out of the closet

Winter cuisine is sometimes a tricky one to get into, because you eat a lot of dishes in winter that you really forget all summer. We actually eat summer dishes all year round, but I don’t know many people who prepare a stew in the middle of summer. So collect your best recipes in time, buy potatoes and enjoy the kitchen while it snows outside!

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