22 juli 2024

4 tips for buying a new sofa

Buying a new sofa is quite a purchase and that is why it is extra important to make a good choice here. After all, you are on it every day. How big should the bank be? What kind of seating comfort suits me? Which style is beautiful in my interior? These are all questions that can go through your mind when you are going to buy a new sofa. We are happy to give you 4 tips that will help you make the right choice for your new sofa.

The sofa does not fit

If the new sofa is delivered to your home, it is too big! In a large home furnishing store, furniture looks relatively small. This is because they are placed in a large space, which makes them appear optically smaller. Once in the living room, they turn out to be a lot bigger than expected. Avoid purchasing a sofa that is too large: measure the space carefully before visiting the store or take the floor plan of your living room with you.

The right setup

It is important that you look carefully at the space. Do you have a large living room? Do not choose a sofa that is too small, it will disappear into the space. It is also important that you have enough seats. Would you like to be flexible in the setup? Then do not choose a fixed corner sofa, but one couch or a sofa with armchairs. Would you like a corner arrangement? A modular corner sofa consisting of separate elements is a good option. This way you can redesign and arrange the setup every time.

Corner sofa with relax function (1)

Sit comfortably

Enjoy lounging or do you prefer an active seat? The comfort of a sofa is perhaps the most important choice you have to make when purchasing a new sofa. Do you like to relax in soft cushions or do you prefer a more active seat with sturdy seat and back cushions? It is also important that the seat height and seat depth match your posture. Do you love to sink into a soft lounge sofa, but do you get problems with your back after a night on the couch? Then consider a relax sofa or corner sofa with relax function. This way you relax your body after a long day and you maintain good support for your neck and back.

Determine your style

Can’t see the wood for the trees? When you start looking for a new sofa, you find out that there is a huge choice. So many different models, styles, colors, materials that you no longer know where to look. First determine which style of living suits you, so you can make the selection a lot smaller. Then discover which sofa you like. Have you found the ideal sofa? Then choose a color and material that suits your interior and determine the ideal setup. This way you choose the sofa that fits perfectly into your interior and meets your wishes.

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