22 juli 2024

A more secure store

If you have your own store or work in a chain store, perhaps the worst and scariest thing that can happen to you is a robbery. Especially when a weapon is involved, it is terrible when you are suddenly in danger, a robber yells at you that the cash register or safe must be opened. At the same time, burglaries often also happen at night, both in homes and shops. To prevent this type of robbery and burglary, it is important that a store is properly secured. But what kind of security systems are there and which security system is the most effective? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article.

Camera security

One of the most well-known ways of security is the use of camera security. With CCTV you can see live what is happening in the store. A security guard can more easily catch thieves via the camera system and stop them. In addition, camera security often also works preventively. A robber, thief or burglar is aware that camera images are used to identify them and therefore thinks twice before taking illegal action. For good camera security options you can go to camerabeveiliging.nl.

Fog protection

Another option that is less known but increasingly popular for stores is security fog protection. Fog protection uses a smoke machine that quickly puts the entire store in a dense fog by means of a motion sensor. Ideal for burglaries during the night, for example. The burglar will be completely disoriented and this makes it impossible to steal anything. The system often also calls in the police and because the burglar is so disoriented, he is also arrested more quickly. The burglar can no longer find the exit of the shop.

Good shop policy

It is also important for shops to have a clear policy on how to deal with burglaries and robberies and to have a policy that prevents burglaries. You always want to remind store employees that no money or product is worth putting at risk. When there is a robbery involving a weapon, it is always safest for the store employee to just cooperate. In addition, it is also important that a store is properly closed every evening and that two people are always present when closing. Also, the shop must be completely locked and locked before the money is counted and deposited in the safe. The chance of a burglary or robbery is relatively small, but can be made even smaller with a good security policy.

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