24 juni 2024

A shade cloth is the garden trend of 2020

ZONZ has been an expert in the field of sun protection for over ten years. They specialize in the design and production of standard and custom shade sails. The employees like to think along with customers in order to achieve an optimal result. A shade cloth is practical, durable, user-friendly and affordable. You can design, assemble and order the canvas online using the knowledge and expertise of ZONZ.

The garden trend of 2020

Shade cloths are relatively new in the sun protection market. The product offers several advantages over the parasol. The fabric is resistant to wind and weather, requires little storage space and can remain outside throughout the summer season. At ZONZ you can put together your shade cloth as you see fit. You can choose from different colors, shapes and materials. You can also opt for a fabric with equal or unequal sides and straight or curved sides. This way you can buy a unique shade cloth that suits your garden or balcony.

Create your own style

It goes without saying that you are looking for a canvas that perfectly matches your wishes and needs. Every garden is different and therefore needs a different shade solution. It is therefore important that you can decide for yourself on the dimensions, shape, color and fastening materials of the shade sail. There are various options, such as a rectangular, black cloth with straight sides or a square, red cloth with curved sides. In this way you create the desired style for your garden or terrace.

A waterproof or water-permeable cloth

A water permeable cloth is a cloth with small holes in it that protects up to 95% against harmful UV rays. You do not have to worry that a water pocket will form on the canvas, because the rainwater can drain through the small holes. The wind also passes through the fabric, making it up to 30% cooler under this fabric. The fabric can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at an angle. A waterproof cloth keeps out both the wind and the rain and thus ensures a completely insulated place. However, you will not feel a cool breeze. Each type of cloth has its advantages and disadvantages. Before purchasing, check carefully what your wishes are in this area.

The advantages of a shade cloth from ZONZ at a glance:

  • No obstructing parasol with a heavy base that you have to move continuously.
  • The cloth can remain outside throughout the summer season and is easy to store afterwards.
  • The cloth is resistant to wind and weather.
  • The possibility to compose a canvas according to your own wishes and needs.

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