22 juli 2024

Be creative with Oeteldonk emblems

With carnival, the beautiful city of Den Bosch is colored in red, white and yellow and we no longer speak of Den Bosch, but Oeteldonk! I don’t think there is any other city where the clothes are so coordinated as in Den Bosch. Every Oeteldonker or person who visits Oeteldonk during carnival is dressed in an Oeteldonk scarf with a jacket or farm smock. It is customary to decorate it completely with Oeteldonk emblems. The more the better. Because everyone is dressed the same, it is really a party for everyone. Young and old dance and sing together and it is fun with a soft “g”!

Creative with Oeteldonk clothing

The basis of the Oeteldonk carnival clothing is therefore a red-white-yellow scarf and a jacket or farm smock, but you can let your creativity go completely. There are many Oeteldonk emblems with which you can decorate your jacket or smock. You can buy the Oeteldonk emblems online or in pop up shops in Den Bosch that are in the city around carnival. There are also often market stalls during carnival where you can buy a lot of Oeteldonk merchandise.

Emblems in all styles

It is almost a competition to have as many Oeteldonk emblems as possible. The types of emblems are also being expanded. In addition to the ‘standard’ Oeteldonk emblems, there are also emblems with the Oeteldonk frog in various constellations. Very funny! Or with funny Brabant sayings such as ‘I see oe gère’ or, appropriately, given the amount of beer that flows, ‘Hillemol van de koart’. You are always entitled to your emblems on your jacket. Besides the Oeteldonk emblems there are also other themes. There are also emblems with emojis or Brabant emblems. Many shops and companies in the city also have their own Oeteldonkse emblem designed into something that suits their company. You can of course also do this yourself with your group of friends or perhaps your family!

Oeteldonkse merchandise

Besides buying Oeteldonk emblems, there is also a lot of other merchandise available. There is Oeteldonk make-up, so you can decorate your face with red-white-yellow stripes. Of course also very funny to do this to other people you meet in the city. You have to wear the Oeteldonk scarf, but you can also complement it with Hawaii wreaths, sunglasses and even party hats.

It may sound a bit boring that everyone is wearing the same outfit, but everyone really makes something creative their own way. And if you look around you there in the city and you see all these people walking in the same clothes and colors, it looks really fantastic and you really get a happy feeling.

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