24 juni 2024

Tips for doing something fun with your digital photos

Do you also have your entire phone full of photos, from years ago but also from recent events? Nowadays almost everything goes digital, especially taking photos. At every event we grab our phone and start shooting photos, and then post them on social media. But as nice as it is to have everything digital, printed photos also have their charm. That is why you can read nice tips in this blog on how to breathe new life into your digital photos, so that you can also benefit from them in ‘real’ life!

Buy a disposable camera

First of all, we want to share a nice tip to enjoy your photos in an old-fashioned way, namely with a disposable camera! You can buy this at the Hema or Kruidvat, and there are about 25 photos in one camera. The nice thing about this is that you can’t see what kind of photo you took until you print them. The photos are printed in a nice old-fashioned filter, and are a nice surprise every time!

Make an old-fashioned photo book

Making a photo book is not only fun to do, it also really saves you something. Who wouldn’t want a book full of great memories? We are a huge fan of photo books, and I myself post an average of 2 a year. A really nice keepsake for later!

Create a picture wall

Decorating your home with photos from the past and your loved ones is very satisfying. Because you look at it every day, you have a kind of happy moment every time. For example, you can make a photo garland, or frame the photos in fun frames and hang them above the bed or sofa. Or make a collage in which you cover one large poster with all kinds of separate photos. Very nice to hang and to look at!

Send them to family and friends

Nothing is more fun than surprising your family or friends, especially when it comes to a personal gift such as a photo of you together. This also creates a nice memory! You can have photos printed in postcard form and send them to your loved ones with a nice message. Or pack a list in an envelope and do it yourself by post! Make sure you choose bubble envelopes to send it in, then you can be sure that it will not arrive damaged.

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