29 mei 2024

The best birthday present for my friend

My boyfriend is crazy about cars. So I started thinking about what a nice gift would be for him when he turns 21 next month. Something came my way that I started to investigate further. I just don’t know if his parents are so happy with me after this.

Car fan

I have known my boyfriend since he was five years old. Then he already played with supercars. He always gets wild when he sees an Audi R8 drive by, for example. His dream car is therefore the Audi RS6. He is now 21, so he will have to save a few years for the car. Now he drives a Volkswagen Up! But he doesn’t get his kick from that. That’s why I want to give him a present. I’m going to rent a supercar for him. I think he’s going crazy!


I must say that I am a bit jealous myself. I am also a huge car fan myself and therefore I secretly think it is a shame that only he is allowed to drive. I will make sure that I can be wrong. I wouldn’t miss this experience for the world.

I told his parents yesterday and luckily they weren’t too angry with me. They found it exciting and challenging for him. He is now officially maturing and can already take on a lot of responsibility. I’ve never seen him so mature in our five year relationship.

His parents said if I believe in him that he can drive properly, they are okay with it.

Gift time

My friend doesn’t know anything yet. We drive to the location where it will all happen. His friends also came to the location to have a look. Once arrived, I take the blindfold off my friend. He sees the R8 and goes completely wild. He thinks it’s a fantastic gift and can’t wait to get into it. After we have completed the administration, the time has finally come. He can now actually drive it! His first reaction is mindblown. He’s practically speechless and thanks me twenty times.

I don’t think I could have found a better present for my friend. He deserves it and memories always stick better. We also took some nice pictures, so he can show off with all his friends. They remain men!

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